Rollie Free

150 mph-1948

Vincent Black Lightning  


The Machines and the Men who raced them


Cycle Cult is a social network for gearheads that ride and have an insatiable appetite for vintage motorcycling. Retracing the history of two wheeled motorsport is our obsession. We are gritty oil soaked pickers of motorcycle culture from all counties. Ownership of an antique motorcycle is not required. Artifacts of the past are discovered and shared for the simple pleasure of enjoying our rich history on two wheels.   

131 years of innovation


From that first moment when man decided to motorize a safety bicycle we became obsessed with these machines. No other form of transportation has become so personal, and so intoxicating. The whole Zen of Motorcycling thing starts with that first ride, man and machine achieving perfect tranquility. Nothing else matters, it changes you, the road ahead becomes an adventure, a spiritual journey of triumph over adversity and the brotherhood of speed. With a cult like following motorcycling becomes one's passion in life, the stories racing gods have become our religion. We reconnect with the things we left behind and achieve a greater understanding of where we are at and how far we have come.

Cycle Cult is an international community of riders intent on preserving the past so it can be appreciated by future generations. The membership is free, there are no rules, no supreme leader only a desire to be a part of this brotherhood that is united by a common interest in all things related to the Men and Machines that make life worth living. If this sounds like you then please click the "join the cult" button below to receive our latest blog posts in your email feed or the Facebook and Twitter links to be part of the discovery and discussion that is Cycle Cult. Welcome home.